From Six Flags Coupons to Other Ways to Save

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For short-term savings close to the time of your visit, the best way to save on your Six Flags trip is to buy your tickets and parking passes online.  Not only will you get a 10-50% discount by applying online-only Six Flags Coupons, you’ll have the added convenience of printing ahead of time, so the day of your visit, all you have to do is scan and go!

For long-term savings, consider not only the above tips, but apply for a Six Flags MasterCard, as well.  Every dollar of every purchase will earn you reward points good for discount voucher(s) toward your next Six Flags visit, and the Six Flags MasterCard comes with other benefits to make your trip as hassle-free as possible.  Visit the for full details on the best savings and most current six flags coupons.


The Internet is a great way to get significant savings on your trip to Six Flags this summer.  Head on over to and select the coupon for your Six Flags park.  Not only will they offer online savings for your ticket price, they’ll offer print-and-go convenience for your tickets as well as your parking pass(es).  You’ll save time and money!

Consider ways to save inside the park, also.  Drink water when possible, instead of soda or other fountain drinks.  And think about it.  Does every single person need their own sandwich with fries?  Unless there’s a price break on a “combo,” try sharing a large order instead of buying small orders for everyone.  Practices such as these will help you save money but still have a great time during your Six Flags getaway.

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